Your "First" will isn't your "last"

Have you put off your first “Will”? It doesn’t have to be scary, and it should grow with you as your life changes. Be sure to keep tabs on your Estate Plan as you and your family grow and change.

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Landlord/Tenant & Natural Disasters

Are you a Landlord? Are you a Tenant? Do you know what will happen in the event a natural disaster impacts the place you're renting? Read on for more information on what to do AHEAD of the storm. 

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Changing jobs with a Non-Compete

Have you ever wanted to change jobs, but felt trapped by a non-compete agreement you signed years ago? If so, this post gives you some practical advice for addressing the situation head on.

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New Years Resolutions for Business

Do you own a business? Now that you've made your new years resolutions, take some time to ensure your business is ready for the new year!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From us to you

From the entire team at St. Augustine Law Group, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! If you find yourself traveling this holiday season, please remember to drink responsibly and always have a Designated Driver.

Table Conversation

Usually around this time of year, we all start thinking about what NEXT year has in store. Do you or a family member want to start a business? Is it time to transition the family business from one generation to the next? Do you want to have children (or more children) this coming year? Maybe you are buying your first home, or will be getting married/engaged.

One thing that no one ever talks about is their attorney. We are OK with that. ;) We just ask that you keep us in mind for all of your life changes. Serving our clients is our #1 priority, and we hope to serve you well!

Disabled? You May Qualify for Social Security Benefits.

The SSA has two forms of benefits to assist those who are disabled. SSI and SSDI. Do you know whether or not you qualify? Have you ever applied? Read this post for more info.

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Commercial Leases 101

Whether you are starting a business, looking to move your business out of your home, purchase a business from a friend, or even move your existing business into a new space, this blog will help you understand the basics of a commercial lease.

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Short Sales - The Guide

This blog post is EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about Short Sales, but may not have wanted to ask. It is also one of our longest posts, so take your time!

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