Foreclosure Defense

When lenders sue our clients, we file legal papers in response and go to court and fight for our clients’ rights.  We seek settlements such as loan modifications through mediation, process and close short sales and actively engage the lenders’ attorneys through out of court negotiations.

We also call out the lenders for their common illegal and unethical practices that have received much publicity throughout the crisis.  By doing so, we gain leverage in negotiations and sometimes get cases dismissed.  These lender defects include “robo-signing,” “standing” issues (regarding who has the right to file the foreclosure due to the practice of repeatedly selling off mortgage rights), lost promissory notes, predatory lending and other shameful practices committed against borrowers.  We have seen everything, including  clients being sued by two different plaintiffs, each claiming rights to the same mortgage on the same property.  When cynics (including  some judges)  don’t get what the big deal is and think the discussion begins and ends with the borrower’s failure to pay, we have much to say in response.

The team of Attorneys at CPC Law and St. Augustine Law Group have over 30 years combined litigation experience we bring to court.  We also know how to effectively negotiate settlements for our clients to approve and avoid the risks of going to trial when our clients want to settle.  We are battle-tested and relentless in pursuit of the best outcomes for our clients.

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