Happy 450th St. Augustine!

Celebrating 450 years!

While St. Augustine Law Group, PA is a relatively new addition to St. Augustine, almost every business and many residents could be considered "New" as well considering our cities 450 year history! For the next 4 days, our city will formally celebrate. Visit https://staugustine-450.com/ for more information on the events of the week.

Our small town of St. Augustine holds a unique place in the history of our country, and the world! To help you celebrate, we here at St. Augustine Law Group, PA have provided you some fun facts that may help spark historical conversation during this historic event!

Fun St. Augustine Facts

Sister Cities

According to the City of St. Augustine, our city has four "sister cities" across the globe. They are listed below. To learn more about each city, simply click on the city's name and follow the link to their website!

Aviles, Spain

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

Island of Menorca, Spain

Story Behind the name

St. Augustine, FL is named after Augustine of Hippo. When Pedro Menéndez and his crew first spotted land, the date was August 28, 1565. This date also happens to be the feast day celebrating Saint Augustine (AKA: Augustine of Hippo). Saint Augustine was also the Patron Saint of Mr. Menéndez's home town of Aviles, Spain. In honor of those two facts, Mr. Menéndez named the new Spanish colony after Saint Augustine.

For more information on St. Augustine the person, theologian, and philosopher, feel free to click here for a biography.

Martin Luther King Ave.

While almost every city in the United States has at least one street named after Rev. Martin Luther King, very few of those streets ever actually saw Dr. King's footsteps. St. Augustine contains one of those streets! In fact, 50 years ago as St. Augustine's 400th anniversary was approaching, Dr. King and the SCLC led a variety of peaceful demonstrations related to the emergent civil rights movement. For more information, visit the King Encyclopedia website hosted by Stanford University.